Quick Start

Steps For creating your first Reports or charts. 

1. Add datasources details or upload csv files 
 - Sidebar navigation Click on datasource -> datasources -> add new datasouces
 - Sidebar navigation Click on datasource -> CSV

2. Add department  
 Sidebar navigation -> Departments -> Add new department. Give your department names for reports for example sales reports, purchase reports

3. Add new folder 
 Sidebar navigation -> parent department (created in step 2) -> add new folder. Give your reports name like December 2015 

4. Click on generate reports - you will get dashboard screen. 
   - Select layout and then click on Add and it will created column layout as per your layout selection,

5. Click on add report elements
   1. Give report name
   2. Select report type  
   3. Select datasources
   4. Select table 
   5. Add relation (If you want to relate 2 or more tables)
   6. Drag columns into droppable area
   7. Preview Query button will show query 
   8. Preview button will show output of your result
You can change report types and drag columns and see preview for as many as supported reports and charts

6. Click on Save


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